im tired and my head hurts

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It didn’t take long for Poppy to fall asleep, the exhaustion from the night’s events taking it’s toll on her body as it consumed her whole. She felt content in his arms making it easier for her to calm herself enough to breathe normally, her vision cleared as her thoughts bundled into hibernation letting her relax for the night. It wasn’t until later on that the nightmares began, taking her back to the darkness that hid her from the outside world enough for them to hurt her. However, this time around, Marcus never came to find her, her screams deafening as they drove her into consciousness. Sitting up in bed in a frenzied state, Poppy reached out for him, desperate for his arms to encircle around her small frame, but much to her dismay, her fingers latched onto nothing but sheets.

Turning, her eyes widened as she frantically searched around the room for him, hoping he was coming back. “Marcus?” she called out, awaiting an answer but when she didn’t receive one, she began to panic. “Marcus?” throwing the covers off from her body, she tried her best to get off the bed without hurting herself as her small feet padded across the wooden floors. Pushing through every door in the house, tears burned the corners of her eyes as she came to realize that he left her once she looked out the window to see his car gone.

Once he got to the last man who’d done the most damage to his girlfriend, the male shot him in both kneecaps, he didn’t want him running away and he was going to make him suffer just like he did to Poppy. Kneeling down he placed the gun right against the other male’s chest pulling the trigger repeatedly as blood splattered against his shirt. It was quite the sight for him, and once he was done he slowly made his way back towards his car. Speeding off, he made sure to stop on the way and throw his gun out in the middle of nowhere, he couldn’t risk getting busted for this, Poppy would murder him herself. 

Tires squealing to a stop in his driveway, he jumped out of the car and immediately made his way in the house, peeling his drenched shirt off his body, hands still stained red. He was in high hopes his girl hadn’t waken, because he was quite the mess and it was obvious as to what he had done. 

text ~ kayleigh

  1. Ben: do u really tho? I'm a bad guy, Kayleigh
  2. Ben: aw look at that little face!
  3. Ben: I'm free tomorrow so until then
  4. Kayleigh: i don't see you as bad
  5. Kayleigh: oh god, shh!
  6. Kayleigh: we wait

        As soon as Poppy fell asleep, he struggled for a good five minutes trying to break free from her tight grasp on him but eventually he succeeded. Throwing his black hoodie over his head, he slipped his shoes on and grabbed his keys off the dresser before turning to take one last glance at the female sprawled out on his bed, her hair laying scattered out behind her. Sighing, he exited quickly before walking down the stairs and out the front door. Marcus was going to handle this, he was going to make those bastards pay for ever even breathing in Poppy’s direction. Once safely inside his car, he opened the glove compartment to reveal the handgun hidden inside, instantly pulling it out and placing it in his passenger seat. 

      Once arriving at the destination he knew they would for sure be at , he climbed out of the car but not before grabbing his weapon and spotting every man that had been in that alley, his mind completely losing it and he could feel himself snap. There was so much anger pulsing through his veins. Without a single word or warning that he was there, he began opening fire on each and every one of them.

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text ~ kayleigh

  1. Ben: I wouldn't go that far since you admit you don't like me
  2. Ben: pretty please? Or just something I can set as my new lock
  3. Ben: guess I'll have to wait until whenever then
  4. Kayleigh: but we both know i do like you
  5. Kayleigh:
  6. Kayleigh: yeah, whenever you're not busy

text ~ kayleigh

  1. Ben: only you get to call me that
  2. Ben: send me a picture please?
  3. Ben: i might be, but im sure you won't mind
  4. Kayleigh: im feeling special
  5. Kayleigh: no, no pout pictures for you
  6. Kayleigh: nope, not at all
Almost Lover
A Fine Frenzy


"so you’re gone and i’m haunted and
i bet you are just fine. did i make it that
easy to walk right in and out of my life?”

text ~ kayleigh

  1. Ben: me tall? i'm short for my age, i hate it
  2. Ben: i bet you look even cuter right now
  3. Ben: and why won't we? you can't stay innocent forever
  4. Kayleigh: you're so cute shorty ;)
  5. Kayleigh: no, sh
  6. Kayleigh: trying to break my innocence hmm?

text ~ kayleigh

  1. Ben: you're small but very cute
  2. Ben: what -- haven't you heard the most innocent girls are the most dirtiest?
  3. Kayleigh: im pouting right now
  4. Kayleigh: you're just tall that's all
  5. Kayleigh: i may have heard that before, but i guess we'll never know when it comes to me

text ~ kayleigh

  1. Ben: you're too small for that, but you could try
  2. Ben: see? problem solved
  3. Kayleigh: i am not small!
  4. Kayleigh: okaaaay ben